Sanniti is our family name, which is originally from a small town in Campania, Naples called Baia e Latina. There is a romantic story behind the name Sanniti, a love story between a peasant and a count. 

But more than anything, the story of Sanniti LLC is about a family tradition and a passion for trading with the best products in the Mediterranean.


The Sanniti family descends from the Samnites, a people from central and southern Italy who date back over 2,000 years. The Sannitis are a branch of the populations who hail from the Osco-Umbrian region, nestled in a large, flat landscape surrounded by the Sannio mountains. Sannitis are historically strong-willed and passionate warrior-shepherds. Their fighting displays and contests, though not deadly, were the basis for what would become Rome’s gladiator games. But they also valued freedom and the well-being of the community above all else. Before they were annexed by the Roman empire, they fought to maintain equal rights for all, and wealthy people within the community would even share their good fortune with others.

This is the same mentality the Sanniti family has today, and it is the same loving approach we take to sharing our gourmet Italian and specialty foods with people across the United States.