Molino Rossetto

is Sanniti's new line

SANNITI LLC is proud to introduce to the United States Molino Rossetto’s® broad line of cereal flours, baking mixes, yeasts, and soups directly from Italy.

Molino Rossetto® is a family business that was established in Veneto, Italy, in 1760.

The experience and hard work of 7 generations are today synonymous with high-quality products of selected prime materials that are processed with avant-garde technology. Molino Rossetto is Italy’s most traditional and well-regarded flour milling company.

Avant-garde technology

Molino Rossetto’s® continuous innovation offers a wide range of high-quality products. Their gable-top cartons give functionality and are completely recyclable, made from 75% FSC-certified paper, i.e. coming from responsibly managed forests.


New flour product lines include specific and innovative products like strong flour, gluten-free flour, organic puffed cereals for breakfast, and the rediscovery of grains for home milling.


Molino Rossetto’s® creamy & organic dry soup mixes use a good variety of ingredients to make each mix delicious and full of flavor. Each choice may include at least 4 types of vegetables, legumes, beans, rice, aromatic herbs, and spices.


Enjoy baking at home with our traditional Italian baking mixes.  The Italians are famous for their magnificent dough expertise, so we give you all these traditional secrets to enjoy baking at home.


Our yeasts are flavorful and diverse to entice the baking activity in all yeast doughs, from homemade bread, pizzas, cakes, baked treats, to highly sweetened breads.